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Learn how the Blindness Prevention Donor Advised Fund can help you with your Blindness Prevention projects.

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Blindness Prevention Donor Advised Funds
(BP- DAF) - Frequently Asked Questions

A Group Donor Advised Fund (DAF) for Blindness Prevention has been created within The Rotary Foundation to help support Blindness Prevention Matching Grants.  This fund was established with an initial contribution of $20,000 from PRIP Frank Devlyn.  The administrator of the fund is Past District Governor Walt Schloer.  Following are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Blindness Prevention Donor Advised Fund

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What is the Avoidable Blindness Donor Advised Fund?

A: The Blindness Prevention DAF is a separate account at The Rotary Foundation (TRF) earmarked for Blindness Prevention.  The BP-DAF account is made up primarily of donations from Rotarians.

PDG Walt Schloer* is the primary account holder (Administrator) for the BP-DAF and is the main contact person regarding the administration and use of these funds as dictated by Rotary’s DAF Program Circular.

How do I Contribute to the BP-DAF?

A:  A simple form is available to be completed and submitted with a check payable to The Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund and then mailed to Walt Schloer, the BP-DAF account administrator.  To obtain this form please contact PDG Walt Schloer at:

E-Mail: wschloer@empnet.com
Address:   61835 Walter Court
Bend, OR 97702  USA
Fax:        011-541 318 9994

Please note that all contributions to the BP-DAF must be in US dollars and they cannot be sent directly to RI offices or other RI fiscal agents.  Contributions sent directly to TRF or RI will not be credited to the BP-DAF.  In order to get appropriate credit for all contributions to the BP-DAF, the contributions must be received by PDG Walt Schloer who is the only individual authorized to receive contributions on behalf of the BP-DAF.

How are the BP-DAF Awards Determined and Distributed to Specific Matching Grants?

A:  Any Rotarian, Rotary Club or Rotary District can request an award from BP-DAF funds for a Blindness Prevention Matching Grant by working with the account administrator, PDG Walt Schloer.

1.        Rotarians will communicate directly with PDG Schloer via a letter of request and a copy of the proposed Matching Grant, if available, that will be submitted to The Rotary Foundation.

2.        Once approved by the BP-DAF review committee, PDG Schloer will send a letter of intent to the Rotary club(s) or District communicating how much the BP-DAF review committee has agreed to award to the Blindness Prevention Matching Grant. These awards are usually limited to a maximum of $2,000.  

3.        This letter of intent is to be included with the Matching Grant application when it is forwarded to The Rotary Foundation by the Rotary club(s) or District that is preparing the Matching Grant.

4.        After The Rotary Foundation (TRF) approves the Matching Grant and assigns a MG number to the project, PDG Schloer will request that TRF transfer the proper award amount to the approved Matching Grant.

5.        Once authorization has been received by the TRF DAF account manager, it takes approximately 10 business days for the BP DAF award to be transferred to the approved BP Matching Grant.

Will the BP-DAF Award to a specific Matching Grant be matched by The Rotary Foundation?

A:  If these procedures are properly followed, BP-DAF awards should receive up to a 50% match from The Rotary Foundation and will be treated like all other new cash contributions towards an approved Matching Grant.  A Matching Grant application must be submitted to TRF to be eligible for a match of BP-DAF funds.  When submitting the application to TRF, the Award Letter of Intent, provided by PDG Walt Schloer should be included with the Matching Grant application.  This letter of intent states the amount of the funding award that the BP-DAF account holders have agreed to award to the BP Matching Grant Project.  TRF will use this letter of intent in calculating the total amount of TRF funds that will be awarded to the Blindness Prevention project.

Do I Receive Paul Harris Fellow Credit for Contributing to the Blindness Prevention Donor Advised Fund account?

A:  Contributions made to a DAF are not automatically eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition. However, BP DAF awards which are made to an approved Blindness Prevention Matching Grant will be eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition, but not automatically allocated to the donor. Contributions to a DAF do not result in Major Donor credit.

Please note that responsibility for tracking BP-DAF awards for specific Matching Grants and the process of assigning PHF credits for BP-DAF contributors, are the sole responsibility of PDG Walt Schloer.  Please do not contact The Rotary Foundation staff for this information as all inquiries should be directed only to PDG Walt Schloer.

How Will The Rotary Foundation Programs Benefit?

A:  Each year on 1 July, one percent of the BP DAF account’s fair market value is awarded to the Annual Programs Fund (APF) of The Rotary Foundation.  The APF directly supports the mission of the Foundation and its programs.

Can I redeem the money contributed to the Blindness Prevention DAF if I decide to no longer support the fund?

A:  No. Contributions to The Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund are irrevocable and are not refundable.

General Questions about The Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund?

A:  Please see http://DAF.Rotary.org  

Additional Questions about The Rotary Foundation Avoidable Blindness Donor Advised Fund?

*Please contact:

PDG Walt Schloer
Fax:  011-541-318-9994

Visit the "Frank Talk Message" Page about the BP-DAF

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