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Frank J. Devlyn

Frank Talk on Leadership

Have YOU wished you could be a better leader? Do you yearn for better communications skills?

Have you sometimes thought motivating volunteers was like herding cats? Would you find it beneficial to improve your leadership skills in Rotary and in your career?

You NEED Frank Talk on Leadership!

Search on Google for “leadership” and you will find an astounding 163,000,000 results! So what is leadership? Why is it important? And how can we at once become better leaders of our various groups of volunteers in Rotary—while at the same time using the advantages of Rotary membership to become better leaders in our business, professional, and community activities?

This, the 4th in the best-selling Frank Talk series, tells you how!

Now you can follow the lives of three ordinary Rotarians who have risen through the ranks of their Rotary clubs and districts and struggle to know how to be better communicators, motivators, and leaders—among other Rotary volunteers, and in their professional lives. These pages are filled with real-life examples of how to overcome the challenges each one of us faces every day. More than 200,000 Frank Talk books have been bought in 9 languages. No Rotarian’s library will be complete without this latest version.

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Just look at some of the praise for "Frank Talk on Leadership:"

“Frank Talk on Leadership is an important message from Past RI President Frank Devlyn about a subject near and dear to the hearts of all Rotarians.  He and David Forward have joined forces once again to create a very readable and entertaining resource for today's leaders and for all those who will become the leaders of tomorrow.” 

D.K. Lee, 2008-09 President, Rotary International

"Several Past Presidents of Rotary International have contributed greatly to the history and spread of Rotary through their writings.  Several, including Paul Harris, have published books and articles that have been of immense value to Rotary.  One of the more prolific has been our 2000-01 President, Frank Devlyn, assisted by noted Rotary historian David Forward.  Working together they have prepared a new book entitled Frank Talk on Leadership.  This book is most timely because the 2007 Council on Legislation adopted Leadership as one of the core values of Rotary.  The book offers much for any reader but it is particularly appropriate for a member of any volunteer organization.  It explains how a leader, in such situations, has no real power but must rely on his or her ability to inspire or persuade.  It goes further in providing a Leadership Self Evaluation section that includes all the right answers providing the reader is willing to put them into play.  I strongly recommend that all Rotarians read this book but I suggest that it is a must for new members and incoming officers, be they at the Club, District, Zone or International level".

Wilf Wilkinson, 2007-2008 President, Rotary International

Frank Talk on Leadership is a truly excellent manual on how to acquire leadership qualities. It should be required reading, not only for Rotarians, but also for the general public interested in developing skills to help themselves and others to achieve their goals in life of becoming true leaders and better human beings.”

 Prof. Dr. Michael Nobel, Chairman, Nobel Charitable Trust; Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan National University

“Leadership skills are important for every Rotarian, every business person, every professional man and woman.  Good leadership is required in every aspect of our lives and it is up to each one of us to provide that leadership in our clubs, in our communities and around the world.  Frank Devlyn, with the help of David Forward, has created Frank Talk on Leadership as a tool designed to help nurture and develop those skills.”

John Kenny, 2009-10 President, Rotary International

“Rotary is fortunate to have a spokesman like Frank Devlyn!  For the past two decades, he has been a highly effective speaker and writer at the international level about our principles and programs, and his series of Frank Talk books have opened a new chapter in communications for interested Rotarians.  He speaks from the heart, and his enthusiasm is boundless.  An unbeatable combination for our most prolific author!”  

Ray Klinginsmith     RI President Nominee for 2010-11 

"Through his books, Frank Devlyn has become the master marketer of Rotary International and its Foundation.  He is a man of the 'Streets of the World".  Everywhere he travels he makes it his business to talk to people on the streets who are not Rotarians and very few of them ever will be.  To those people his message is always the same. It is about Rotarians doing good in the world.  It is about Rotary's message of hope for a world in need.

Glen Kinross, 1997-1998 President, Rotary International


“Frank Devlyn has spent a good portion of his life as a Rotary leader and ambassador. To both he has brought the ambition to serve and to guide others to service. His ideas on leadership are well explained in this book.”

Jeffrey Davidow, US Ambassador to Mexico (1998-2002); President, Institute of the Americas

"Frank Devlyn is a leader: when Franks talks, people listen, because his message always inspires you to take the initiative and serve others. Rotary is all about servant leadership--one of the traits described in this book. If you thought Frank was going to tell you what to do each time he met you, you would avoid him; the magic is that he encourages and inspires others to do their best. These are the qualities of effective leaders in both the corporate world and the voluntary sector and I know we all will benefit from the lessons in this book."

 Malcolm S. Morris, Chairman, Stewart Title Company.

“Rotary International has been a model of global citizenship. All citizen movements need leadership, and Frank Devlyn again reflects on leadership's roles and responsibilities - a field he knows so well.”

The Honorable Timothy E. Wirth, President, United Nations Foundation and Better World Fund

“Frank Devlyn in Rotary and in life is described by Theodore Roosevelt in the following statement: ‘Far better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much, nor suffer much because they live in the great twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.’"

Kenneth E. Behring, Founder, The Wheelchair Foundation

“Frank Devlyn has written a book about leadership, but it is really an exploration of how we work with each other.  He uses real-world examples to bring to life the traits that help motivate others.  It is not just about what to do to be a good leader, but why and how it should be done.   Frank’s extensive experience and interaction with people and organizations around the world, his understanding of human nature and his desire to improve the world around him shine through on these pages.  I can highly recommend this as an entertaining and thought provoking read.”

Dunbar Hoskins, MD, Executive Vice President, The American Academy of Ophthalmology

"This book is a refreshing change from the typical business text and self-help book.  Frank Devlyn's storytelling style keeps readers engaged while thought-provoking questions and revelations enable them to increase their success, personal growth and understanding of leadership and management."

Jim Gibbons, President and CEO, Goodwill Industries International

“Rotary’s finest cheerleader, Frank Devlyn, continues to offer insights on the benefits of being a Rotarian. With this newest publication on Leadership, he and David Forward teamed up once again to hit the mark squarely. Experiencing Rotary provides every member exceptional opportunities for growth rarely available in any organization. As chair of the Institute for Leadership, one of Rotary’s fastest growing leadership training events designed for all Rotarians, we endorse fully this new brilliant and timely book. Take advantage of another opportunity to enrich your life through your Rotary membership.”

Irving J. “Sonny” Brown, Past Rotary International Vice President and Chair of Rotary’s Leadership Development Committee 2007-09

“Past R.I. President Frank Devlyn and David Forward have made a great contribution to Rotary with the publication of Frank Talk on Leadership. Emphasizing the importance of leadership development for the future of Rotary and the many opportunities that Rotary offers to its members for quality leadership education is one of the most important issues facing Rotary and voluntary organizations today. No organization offers to the business and professional communities of the world such advantages for enhancing the leadership skills of their own business leaders as does Rotary International. The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is very proud to endorse this great work and recommend it to all Rotarians and other business and professional leaders.”

David Linett, Past Rotary International Director, International Chair, The Rotary Leadership Institute

“Collaboration and leadership will be key factors in building a better world for children. Frank Devlyn's thoughts on both, based on his experience with Rotary, help illustrate what can be achieved by people working together. Rotary has a long history of service to the world's children, most notably through its partnership to prevent Polio. Everyone who seeks to make a difference would do well to learn these lessons.”

Ann M. Veneman, Executive Director, UNICEF


"Rotarians have carried out a most valuable role in different world public health campaigns, including their outstanding contribution in the eradication of Polio.  They have done this without doubt using the qualities in leadership Frank Devlyn describes in this book, which brings out how these qualities help support those supreme values which are used in promoting peace and health for all.”

Dr. Julio Frenk, Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, former Secretary of Health for Mexico

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