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Frank Talk Wouldn’t it be great to have more of a sense of purpose to your life?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have more real friends?  Think how you would feel if you were able to be a part of a worldwide network that’s committed to business ethics, community improvement and service to humanity. 

“For all the joy we receive from serving others less fortunate, for all the happiness we each gain from the friends we make in Rotary, those rewards can be multiplied if we bring in new members.  Frank Talk is a refreshing, entertaining book that goes a long way toward that goal.  It shows readers why we joined Rotary, and why we stay.  It shows non-Rotarians the inner satisfaction we Rotarians get from serving others, because no matter what our race, creed or religion, to Rotarians, ‘Mankind is our Business’.”

PRIP Richard D. King (2001-2002

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Frank Talk II Nothing is more important to the future of Rotary than the job we do at retaining our members in the local club - and then energizing them to become active, enthusiastic Rotarians.

Frank Talk II  addresses many critical issues for inspiring, motivating or energizing Rotary clubs to retain active members.  Frank Devlyn gives practical and colorful approaches for addressing the subject of membership retention.  Frank Talk II is a valuable tool for club officials and individual Rotarians and its lessons are those from which all of us can benefit.”

PRIP Cliff Dochterman (1992-1993)

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Frank Talk on our Rotary FoundationIn this, his third book in the Frank Talk series, Frank Devlyn takes the reader through an inspiring series of real-world vignettes that will inspire, motivate, and educate Rotarians about The Rotary Foundation.  It will equip you with the tools you need to better understand Our Rotary Foundation, to better explain it to others, and to feel an abiding sense of pride and ownership in this, the largest privately run humanitarian foundation on earth.  It will  inspire you to be more proactive in leaving a legacy that will live on long after you have passed from this earth.

Frank Talk on our Rotary Foundation is a great resource for all Rotarians.  It tells the story in a compelling way of why Our Rotary Foundation is so central to the life of every Rotarian.”

PRIP Bill Boyd (2006-2007)

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Frank Talk on Leadership Have you ever wished you could be a better leader?  Do you yearn for better communications skills?  Have you sometimes thought motivating volunteers was like herding cats?  Would you find it beneficial to improve your leadership skills in Rotary and in your career?  All of this and more is what you will find in Frank Talk on Leadership, the 4th in the Frank Talk book series. 

"Frank Talk on Leadership is an important message from Past RI President Frank Devlyn about a subject near and dear to the hearts of all Rotarians. He has created a very readable and entertaining resource for today's leaders and for all of those who will become the leaders of tomorrow."

RI President, D.K. Lee (2008-2009)

"Leadership skills are important for every Rotarian, every business person, every professional man and woman. Good leadership is required in every aspect of our lives and it is up to each one of us to provide that leadership in our clubs, in our communities and around the world. Frank Devlyn, with the help of David Forward, has created Frank Talk on Leadership as a tool designed to help nurture and develop those skills."

RI President-Elect John Kenny (2009-2010)

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Frank Talk on Public Speaking:  Public Speaking The very thought of having to speak to an audience sends chills down the spine of most people. And yet if we are to do well in the business world—or move up in voluntary organizations such as Rotary—we NEED to be able to educate, motivate, and inspire people to purposeful action.

Frank Talk on Public Speaking is the final book in the Frank Talk series and by following the lessons in these pages you will be on the fast track to success. It will help you feel more confident, learn how to craft a memorable speech, and deliver it in a style that will leave your audience wanting more.

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