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Video Address to District Governors


Frank J. Devlyn


Greetings to DGE’s 2000-2001 and your spouses.   It is an honor to send greetings to you in this, my 2nd video to you.

I’ve had a chance to meet many of you at our different Rotary institutes, and you are now aware of my concerns, desires, and interests. To those Rotary institutes I was not able to attend, I sent a video for you to view, with a message dedicated to you and your spouses expressing my concerns and interests.

Everything I’ve shared with you has had a focus on the importance of preparing for your year as Dg.

Once again, I remind you of the importance of three key documents:

1.   The D.G.’s Training Manual

2.   The R.F. Handbook

3.   The ABC’s of Rotary -- for your spouses as well as for you.

I've also shared with you in my visit or on video, a copy of this plastic plaque I have on my desk.  It reminds me of my key interests and how they relate to you in this, your period of preparing for the important job of being DG.  

As I’ve mentioned to many of you, this list of key interests continually changes, as I prioritize and re-prioritize them.  I encourage you to do the same, as you decide which of these interests are most important within your own district.  Today I share with you a copy of my latest list of key interests, which is also enclosed with this video.  Let me briefly remind you of these key interests:

  • Pro-active continuing emphasis on existing R.I. and Rotary Foundation initiatives -- including PolioPlus, literacy, clean water, low-cost shelters, hunger alleviation, Preserve Planet Earth, and at-risk children

  • Pro-active membership development and retention efforts

  • Pro-active public relations and media awareness

  • Partnerships with other organizations at the club and district levels

  • Innovative, pro-active approaches to addressing the following concerns:

  • Population and development, with emphasis on literacy programs for girls and women;

  • Poverty, with a focus on village banking and other methods of improving economic conditions for women and children

  • Avoidable blindness

  • Urban violence

  • Jobs for people with disabilities

  • Hunger

  • Disaster relief

Today I would like to tell you about some task forces I will be naming. These task forces are in addition to the regular R.I. committees.

These international and zone task forces will be there to give you guidance and help you be the best DG your district has ever had. They are there as resources for you and your district-level committees.

Let me share with you the names of these task forces:

  • Children at risk

  • Convention promotion

  • Diplomatic relations

  • World community service resource

  • New generations

  • Rotary recreational and vocational fellowships

  • Jobs for disabled persons

  • Matched clubs

  • Membership development

  • Membership retention

  • Partnering with other organizations

  • Population and development

  • Avoidable blindness

  • Public relations and rotary’s image

  • Rapid disaster relief

  • Technology

  • United nations agencies

  • Crime reduction and violence prevention

Each of you has your own style…

Some of you will want the zone TASK FORCE coordinators to work directly through you…others will want the chairperson of your district committee to be the main liaison.

Whatever the case, I urge you to make full use of these task forces. They are a valuable resource. And remember, their help is only available to those who request it. Be pro-active in asking for this assistance.

I also ask you closely evaluate your district’s needs and consider adding some of these task forces to your structure at the district level in addition to the committees mentioned in your DG’s Training Manual.

It will be your decision…

Another valuable resource for you during your year as governor will be the Internet.  If you are not familiar with this important and ever-expanding communications technology, please consider naming a district webmaster. It will be that person’s responsibility to keep you up to date on my ideas and other important issues in Rotary.

I know that many of you are already making good use of R.I.’s Web site. It can be found at http://www.rotary.org.   I encourage you to regularly check the site for all the latest information.

I have some good news for you…I now have a personal Web site on the Internet. you can find it at http://www.frankdevlyn.org   My personal site is designed to keep you updated on my latest concerns, ideas, and plans.

Since we are coming into the holiday season and New Year 2000, Gloria Rita and I want to express our best wishes to you and your family.  We look forward to seeing you in person very soon.


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