Community Corps Task Force 2000-2001

Frank J. Devlyn

Together We Can Change The World

"Tell me, I'll forget.

    Show me, I may remember.

        But involve me and I'll understand." 

a Chinese proverb.

Project Ideas

Mission Statement

Encourage at least 300 Rotary Clubs in both Developed and Developing Countries to Sponsor New Rotary Community Corps (RCC's), in addition to revitalizing existing ones.

The concept of self-help in itself is a simple idea. It means, quite literally, to help oneself. But how to apply the idea is not necessarily self-evident. Often, an individual or a group needs an outsider as a guide to help them recognize potential goals and then work towards attaining them. The Rotary Community Corps (RCC) Program of Rotary can be such a guide. It puts into practice People Empowerment.

  • Provide programs and information to Rotarians and Rotary clubs about the benefits of establishing an RCC in the community.
  • Encourage Rotary clubs to create "RCC days" as a way to recognize existing RCC members and/or to educate the club and community members about the RCC program.
  • Foster cooperative working relationships between Rotary clubs and RCCs showing the benefit to Rotarians who involve themselves in working with RCCs.
  • Prepare an evaluation of RCC-sponsored projects at the end of the year, highlighting the contributions they make to the community and the ways in which they complement the work of Rotary clubs.

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