Crime Reduction and Violence Prevention Task Force (2000-2001)

Frank J. Devlyn

Together We Can Change The World

Project Ideas

Mission Statement

Promote at least 500 New Club Sponsored Projects to Address the Problems of Community Crime, Violence, Gangs, Personal Safety, Family Abuse, Unemployment, and Other Community Concerns.

Crime and violence problems are endemic to all countries of the world.  So it is that Rotary clubs and districts must do all they can to prevent and reduce such activity.  Law enforcement agencies relate that 70% of municipal law enforcement activity is using the philosophy of "community policing" to prevent crime and violence before it happens.  Thus, partnerships with Rotary clubs and districts, as well as other social agencies, are essential if we are to avoid the plague which touches the lives of each of us.

Action Plan

  • Encourage clubs to conduct a seminar with top community leaders from education, law enforcement, clergy, youth associations, business organizations, judicial systems, etc. to analyze basic community needs
  • Urge clubs to do a needs assessment related to crime and violence in their community and develop a new project to address an identified need
  • Promote coordinated projects between law enforcement agencies and Rotary clubs, where appropriate
  • provide recognition to clubs at the district conference for successful projects that reduce crime and/or violence in their communities.
  • Prepare a report of Rotary-sponsored projects related to crime and violence reduction at the community level

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