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Project Ideas

  • Research embassies, consulates and foreign trade offices in a city:
  • The Internet can help when conducting initial research. Use a search engine such as Alta Vista or Yahoo, type in "embassies" or "consulates," the word AND, then the name of the city.  For example, "embassies" AND "Washington D.C." can bring up several directories, including The Electronic Embassy, which provides information and links to the web sites of all the foreign embassies in the Washington D.C. area.
  • Rotary Representatives to the United Nations & Other Organizations, listed in Rotary's Official Directory, can provide leads to appropriate diplomatic contacts in major capitals around the globe.
  • Chambers of Commerce traditionally provide information on consulates or foreign trade offices in a city.  Contact the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Business Directories can also offer information on import-export or other companies from a specific country.  Such businesses can provide leads and potential contacts at a consulate or embassy representing their country.
  • Prepare to meet with diplomats by studying Rotary's historic and current role in the international community:
  • Rotary's web site provides background on Rotary's historic relationship with the United Nations and other non-governmental service organizations.  Rotary's external relations newsletter is Navigating the Global Network (link is provided) while Rotary's Press Center  can provide current examples of Rotary projects involving two or more nations.
  • Rotary publications such as the Newsbasket, Rotary World, or The Rotarian offer updated reports of inspiring international humanitarian service projects.  These stories can be used to illustrate Rotary's global network or the scope of Rotary's humanitarian service when speaking with a diplomat.
  • Develop membership strategies and protocol appropriate to the diplomatic corps:
  • Contact Rotary Representatives to the U.N. & Other Organizations for advice on protocol and diplomatic introductions.  Rotary Representatives are listed in the Official Directory.
  • Study Rotary's membership manuals such as the Membership Development and Retention Manual and Strategies for Member Education
  • Research protocol appropriate to the occasion and targeted diplomatic office.  Tailor the recruitment strategy accordingly.
  • Develop and execute an outreach strategy that may include a formal invitation for a diplomat to visit a club, speak at a meeting, or consider Rotary membership.
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