Rapid Disaster Relief Task Force  2000-2001

Frank J. Devlyn

Together We Can Change The World

 Disaster Relief Projects

Mission Statement

All Districts should have an Disaster Relief Plan so that Rotarians can provide relevant aid and assistance to the victims of a disaster whether it occurs in their own, or another, District.

Action Plan

  • Clubs and Districts should liaise with the existing Disaster Relief Agencies is setting up their Club or District Disaster Relief Plans

  • Clubs and Districts should liaise with local authorities if the local authorities already have Disaster Relief Plans

  • The Plan should contain information on collection, transportation and storage facilities available in the District

  • The Plan should contain names of experts and volunteers who can help

  • The need for, and type of, support varies from disaster to disaster

  • Where possible clubs should provide ShelterBoxesr or Aquaboxes or similar kits

  • Disaster Notices will still be sent out from Evanston where appropriate, but this takes time

  • Districts and clubs have to help each other (Note - Not every club or District will want to, or be able to, help in every situation)

  • Contact needs to be from person to person, or District to District, and should not wait for instructions from R.I.

  • Rotarians should coordinators or help to coordinate the help from their communities (Finance and relief supplies are not available through the Task Force or through R.I.).

Additional Resources

  1. Shelterbox International

  2. Aquaboxes

  3. UMCOR

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