Matched Clubs Task Force

Frank J. Devlyn

Together We Can Change The World

Mission Statement

Encourage at Least 2000 of Rotary Clubs to Form a Matched Partnership With a Club in Another Country to Promote International Friendship

Action Plan

  • Provide Rotarians with information on the value of matched clubs in promoting goodwill, fellowship and international service

  • Provide practical guidance on how "matched clubs" can participate in international service and exchange programs and access Matching Grant and other Rotary Foundation funding for projects

  • Promote the idea of "Matched Clubs" at district conferences and assemblies, PETS, and other major events

Goals & Objectives

  1. To develop a minimum of 5,000 Matched Club projects with a goal of three yearcommitment. For those clubs with existing “club-club” relationships, an expansion into additional new projects are requested.

  2. To have 500 donated Ambassadorial Scholarship be awarded to developing countries in the areas of

    1. Vocational Education

    2. Medical Education

    3.  MicroBanking

  3. To have 1000 new Rotary Volunteers going to developing countries in teams of3-5 Rotarians.

  4. To have 1000 new Youth Exchanges

  5. To have 250 additional GSE team exchanges.

  6. To have 1000 new Fellowship exchanges

  7. To have clubs enroll in the ROTI  “Sister Club” web site to obtain information on who is looking for a club match.

  8. To develop a “Matched Club Newsletter” to publicize the current successful    matched club project and be a vehicle for information on this Task Force.

  9. To encourage all Rotary clubs to have a “matched club” project, even if it is only in  that clubs District, Zone, Country or in another part of the Rotary world.

  10. To deliver “new releases” to all District Governors on the activity of this TaskForce to be used in his or her monthly Newsletter.

  11. To work closely with the World Community Resource Service Task Force with emphasis on club/club matched grants in the areas of clean water, food distribution,heath care and literacy.

  12. Once there is a Club-Club match, then work on community projects should utilize and incorporate the work of the other nineteen (19) Task Forces.


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