Membership Development Task Force - 2000-2001

Frank J. Devlyn

Together We Can Change The World

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Mission Statement

As the needs of our communities and of world grow, so must the membership of Rotary clubs grow to address these needs and fulfill our motto "Service above Self."

Action Plan

  • Increase NET membership of each Rotary club by 5 members during 2000-2001

  • Create  awareness of the importance of membership growth as a responsibility of each Rotarian.  The Rotarian must take action through an organized club plan to bring in new members.

  • Promote the 21st Century Challenge Award program on the 50 best Rotary districts in the world (one district from each of the 34 zones plus 16 highest districts) and also

    • The best club in each winning district with a starting membership on July 1st of under 50 members.

    • The best club in each winning district with a starting membership on July 1st of 51 or more members.

  • Promote the distribution of "Rotarians Are Your Friends" cards to EVERY ROTARIAN which will assist and remind Rotarians of the potential new members.  The card also outlines the ease of proposing a new member.

  • Develop a definition of Rotary and suggested "talking points" which describe Rotary in each world region.  the definition should be appropriate to the cultural and economic needs of Rotarians in that zone which can be used by current Rotarians when talking with prospective members.

  • Develop a list of practical techniques and strategies for increasing membership that have been proven to be successful and which are appropriate to the cultural and economic needs of Rotarians in the different regions of the world.  These will be disseminated via the membership development website.

  • Promote the organization of New Generation" Rotary Clubs of members under the age of 40 within areas where older clubs exist.

  • Promote the selection of "Additional Active" members with a program for every member to invite an additional active member.

  • Promote the annual Rotary International Membership Development and Extension Award program whereby Rotary via district governors can recognize membership growth at a club level.

  • Conduct membership development seminars by zones, by districts, and in clubs meetings which will include the message of why an increase means better and more successful service projects as well as practical techniques to seek members who meet the high ethical and professional standards of Rotary membership

  • Work with districts and clubs to help them develop a strategic plan for increasing membership by:

    • Suggesting "membership team competitions" within clubs to seek and to propose qualified new members.

    • Establishing a club recognition plan within clubs to acknowledge sponsors of new members - the red ring for one member and the silver ring for five member.

    • Developing a series of brief items to be used in club bulletins to encourage and remind club members to seek prospective qualified new members.

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