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Project Ideas

  • Simultaneous Inductees - Induct several new members into the club simultaneously. (Latin America Affairs Committee - Chairman Gilbert F. Allen, Mexico)

  • Former Members - Have a committee that is in charge of keeping track of former club members.  Then invite the former members to rejoin the club. (Asia Affairs Committee - Chairman Toshio Itabashi, Japan)

  • Community Projects - Involve club members in worthwhile community projects.  Note: A successful project attracts new members. (South Pacific Affairs Committee - Chairman Terry Edwards, Australia)

  • 6 Month Plan - Encourage every new member to bring in another new member within six months.  A 17% growth was experienced in Arkansas, USA using this plan.

  • Additional Active - Promote the selection of "Additional Active" members.  (Past President Cliff Dochterman)

  • Rotary Guest Day - The Rotary Club of Driffield, England had excellent results from a "Guest Evening."  A list of potential members was drawn up and 40 invitations were sent out.  More than a third of the invitees attended the meal and information evening.  Eight joined, with an additional four showing interest.

  • Survey - Conduct a survey.  (Available on the download page)

  • Classifications - The Rotary Club of Trenton, Ontario, Canada reads a  list of unfilled classifications at each meeting.  This has resulted in twenty new members.

  • Club Forum - Hold a club forum on membership development to discuss ways to seek out potential members.  (RI Manual) 

  • Increasing Efforts - Greater efforts are needed to increase the number of female Rotary club members.  (1994-95 Presidential Committee on Membership - Chairman Roy Whitby, England)

  • Diary - Keep a 24-hour diary of everyone with whom you meet or speak.  Select potential members from that list. (RRFC Jon Grant, California USA)

  • Rechartering - Reorganize very small clubs as if they were new clubs through invitational meetings. (North American Affairs Committee - Chairman Carleen Spano, Florida, USA)

  • Bring a Friend Day - Encourage all members to bring guests to the club functions.  Designate one meeting a month as "Bring a Guest" meeting.

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