Membership Retention Task Force 2000-2001

Frank J. Devlyn

Together We Can Change The World


Mission Statement

Retain Ninety percent of all new members for a minimum of five years (except for death and movement from the area).

Action Plan

  • Develop and distribute a leaflet to club leaders that includes basic tips for recognizing members who appear to be ready to "drop-out" of Rotary, as well as effective strategies to retain such members.
  • Promote the use of a "special leave of absence" for members who are moving, so that they may "make-up" at a Rotary club in their new community for up to one year.  Encourage club secretaries in the member's "old" club to contact the secretary in the new community and advise them that the member has relocated.
  • Work with members of the Membership Development Task Force to include a presentation on promoting membership retention in membership development seminars conducted at the club and district levels
  • .
  • Work with clubs in the zone to develop a strategic plan for retaining members by:
    • encouraging Rotarian involvement in the club and district activities
    • conducting "exit interviews" to identify why members are dropping out
    • surveying current members to identify strengths and weaknesses of the club so that weaknesses can be addressed before members drop out
  • Promote the RI Membership Award program to recognize successful club retention efforts

Membership Retention means "holding on to members" for the first five years.

Members leave because they are:

  • not involved
  • not aware
  • not educated
  • excluded from decision making

Retain those new members by:

  • Making them feel welcome
  • Giving them a meaningful job
  • Involving them in decision making
  • Using their skills and talents
  • Valuing their contributions

Invest in New Members;  They are the future leaders of:

  • Your Club
  • Your District
  • Rotary International


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