Membership Retention Task Force Suggested Activities

Frank J. Devlyn

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Suggested Retention Activities

  1. Conduct a membership development and retention seminar
  2. Establish and develop a membership retention plan
    • "We Care" program
    • Success stories (Membership Development Corner  in Club Focus section of Rotary Web page)
  3. Survey existing club members and determine what aspects of the club need to be restructured to keep members active and interested
  4. Use the "Notification of Rotariam Moving to your Locality" form for members who move from your territory
  5. Publicize club projects with stories and photos in local news media
  6. Recognize Rotarians who have proposed new members
  7. Begin an education program within the club for all members
    • Subscribe to Rotary World  and Rotary News Basket
    • Publish items on current club activities in the club bulleti
  8. Conduct a dignified induction ceremony for each new member; include spouse/family members
  9. Involve spouse/family in Rotary activities
  10. Track attendance and project activities of each club member; encourage all members to be active members
    • Identify member interests and channel members into club activities as appropriate

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