Public Relations and Rotary's Image Task Force  2000-2001

Frank J. Devlyn

Together We Can Change The World

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Mission Statement

Develop in Each District at Least 5 Major Activities to Enable the Public to Know What Rotary is and What Rotary Does in the Community and the World.

Action Plan

  • Encourage clubs and districts to develop leaflets describing successful activities for distribution in their communities; hold workshops which will suggest practical techniques to share information about Rotary with the public.

  • Offer ideas for public displays of the service activities of local Rotary Clubs in store windows, malls, libraries, and public areas during special Rotary months.

  • Encourage clubs and districts to create large sign-boards which depict Rotary's good work, taking into account the various cultural and traditional differences in Rotary.

  • Encourage the use of television and radio "talk programs" to explain the service work of Rotary locally and internationally

  • Use RI fact sheets, public service announcements and sample press releases to secure public service placements on Rotary in newspapers, magazines, posters, and other locations.

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